Hydrobromic acid is a strong acid formed by dissolving the diatomic molecule hydrogen bromide (HBr) in water. Hydrobromic acid dissociates easier thatn HCl and therefore it is a stronger acid than hydrochloric acid, but not as strong as hydroiodic acid. Hydrobromic acid could found in high concentrations at bromine processors, in high capacity batter technologies and advanced hydrocarbon gas to liquid processes,


Hydrobromic acid being one of the strongest mineral acids known, containing it has it challenges. While the characteristics hydobromic acid (HBr) are similar to that of hydrochloric acid in nature, it corrosiveness is more severe. As a result, many of the materials like nickel alloys that are used for HCl struggle with hydrobromic acid (HBr). Tantalum however is immune to the corrosive effects of HBr at concentrations up to 25% and as high as 374F (190C).


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