Ultramet CPT occupies more than two acres of commercial property in the San Fernando Valley of northwestern Los Angeles that encompasses 5,400 square feet of office space and 77,000 square feet of industrial plant and laboratory space.

Chemical Vapor Deposition and Heat Treatment

  • Twenty-one low frequency induction heaters, 15–125 kW
  • Two high frequency induction heaters, 5 and 15 kW
  • Three resistance heaters, 15 kW
  • Four ultraviolet-assisted chemical vapor deposition stations
  • Two electric furnaces: 1700°C and 1200°C
  • Two mechanical convection ovens: 565°C and 343°C


  • ISO 9001:2008 certified for the following activities: manufacturing and chemical vapor deposition of refractory metals, platinum group metals, and ceramics in the form of coatings, freestanding shapes, composites, and open-cell foam.


  • Scanning electron microscope with energy dispersive spectrometer
  • X-ray diffractometer with stress analysis system
  • Automatic mechanical test system
  • Sebastian adherence tester
  • Microhardness measurement system
  • Stereomicroscope and optical microscope, both with digital camera
  • BET and chemisorption equipment
  • Thermogravimetric analysis, differential thermal analysis, differential scanning calorimetry system
  • Gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer


  • Coordinate measuring machine
  • Two optical comparators
  • Four stereomicroscopes
  • Toolmaker’s microscope with micrometer stage
  • Proof pressure and helium leak capabilities
  • Dye penetrant inspection facility

Machine Shop

  • CNC lathe and grinder with Mastercam three-dimensional design software
  • OD, ID, and centerless grinders
  • Conventional mills and lathes
  • Automated lapping machines and surface grinders
  • Reticulated Vitreous Carbon Foam and Rhenium Manufacturing
  • Six carbon furnaces
  • Three hydrogen reduction furnaces
  • Two pellet presses

Ultramet CPT is committed to high quality standards, exceptional customer satisfaction, and continual improvement.