Tantalum Technology for Acid Corrosion Protection


Our goal is to eliminate corrosion. We achieve this by providing industry the unmatched corrosion resistance of tantalum metal in usable forms and in an economically attractive way.


Ultramet CPT’s technology is based on the control and mastery chemical vapor deposition (CVD) to vaporize, diffuse and grow tantalum metal into standard materials. Through this process we vaporize tantalum metal and grow it into a variety of substrates one atom at a time. By doing so, we create a gradient of tantalum metal that is diffused into the substrate and forms an integrated and mechanically inseparable surface that is extremely tough, rugged and corrosion resistant.

Upon further processing, tantalum metal is grown to the desired thickness and hardening could be applied if needed (Ultra-Tough). The final product is a high quality, strong, tough, inseparable and extremely corrosion resistant surface ranging from a 1 micron to several millimeters.

Tantalum Technology to Fight Acid Corrosion


Because the Ultramet CPT process occurs in the gas phase and is not based on line of sight like typical coatings, both internal and external surfaces as well as complex geometries could be processed. This makes the Ultramet CPT process capable of treating virtually any geometry so long as the process gasses could be flowed to the critical surfaces. Typically this process is applied to complex process equipment and instrumentation.


Our technology is most commonly applied to steel, copper, nickel, ceramic and graphite but not limited to these materials. We also have the ability to control the hardness of the final product while still maintaining a ductile, tough and rugged tantalum surface. See Ultra-Tough for more details on hardened surfaces.


Tantalum metal, while unmatched in its corrosion resistance, is very expensive and historically has been cost prohibitive. However because our process utilizes tantalum metal so efficiently without the need for complex fabrication, our technology makes tantalum metal affordable; typically in the range of engineered nickel alloys like Hastelloy C-276.

Ultramet CPT is committed to high quality standards, exceptional customer satisfaction, and continual improvement.