Ultra-Tough – For Wear & Corrosion Protection

Ultra ToughFor Wear & Corrosion Protection – An extremely hard and wear-resistant surface is combined with our tough tantalum diffusion surface. The result is an extremely hard, tough and corrosion resistant surface that is ideal for applications with particulates and wear related issues.

Ultra Tough Corrosive ProtectionUltra-Tough is designed for applications with known wear issues that go beyond just erosion corrosion but have a significant concentration of an abrasive media. Often Ultra-Tough is applied within the mining and biomass industries that have heavy concentrations of solids in their process streams.

Utilizing our decades of experience and creating multiple layers of extremely hard and corrosion resistant tantalum surfaces we can achieve a unique combination of hardness, toughness and unmatched corrosion resistance.

Applications: For applications with known wear issues particularly in the mining and biomass industries. whi


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