Corrosion resistant plug valves with Ultra-Metal tantalum surfaces eliminates corrosion from strong acids like sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and hydrochloric acid (HCl) while allowing the user to accurately control the flow. By utilizing the Ultramet CPT technology, typically standard steel plug valves are transformed into the most acid and corrosion resistant plug valves available. The end result is an acid resistant plug valve that has a corrosion resistance far exceeding that of Hastelloy C276 but having a similar price.

Corrosion resistant plug valves could be provided through a variety of OEM’s and can be made available in numerous configurations and sizes. Depending on your needs, contact our materials specialist to help you decide on the best acid resistant plug valve for your application.

Acid Resistant Ball Valve Offering

  • Sizes: ¼” -14”
  • Pressure Classes: ANSI 150 – ANSI 600
  • Connection Ends: Flanged, Threaded & Compression
  • Configurations:  2-Piece, 3-Piece, Top Entry etc.
  • OEMs: We work with some of the top OEM brands available that value quality and performance. If you have a particular preference for an acid resistant ball valve, please let our materials specialist know. 



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