Acid Resistant Rupture Discs and Acid Resistant Rupture Disc HoldersAcid resistant rupture discs and acid resistant rupture disc holders are critical to the safety of a process, as they prevent explosions from unintended surges in pressure. Eliminating corrosion on these rupture discs and their holders allows them to perform as intended without premature releases and accurate burst pressures. Because of our ISO9001 processing, decades of CVD experience and robust quality systems Ultramet CPT provides unmatched quality, reproducibility and reliability. The end-result is the most acid resistant rupture disc and rupture disc holders available. .

Acid Resistant Rupture Disc Holders

The Ultramet CPT tantalum diffusion surface eliminates corrosion on the holders and provides the best seal for rupture discs. Sealing of the rupture disc to the holder surface is critical to ensure its performance. Often this seal is degraded by strong acids and corrosion which leads to failure of this safety device. Ultramet CPT’s tantalum diffusion surface eliminates this failure mode.

Additionally when compared to tantalum loose linings, because Ultramet CPT’s tantalum metal is diffused and grown into the surface there are no gaps, weldings or potential for air pockets. This provides a superior sealing surface.

Acid Resistant Rupture Discs

Solid tantalum rupture discs are used to highly corrosive applications to prevent in the degradation of this safety device and premature failure. The problem with solid tantalum is its strength and its inconsistent thickness variation which makes it hard to control low pressure and high pressure applications. With Ultramet CPT’s tantalum diffusion technology a thin layer of tantalum metal is grown into a very consistent and reproducible disc of stainless steel. The result is an acid resistant rupture disc that can operate more consistently and span a large range of pressure demands.




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