With the worlds growing energy demands and depleting oil reserves, deeper and harder to reach oil reserves are being explored and drilled going beyond 35,000ft. With these deep wells, the materials needed to survive these extreme conditions have become the constraint especially in wells containing H2S (sour gas) under acidizing conditions. In these up-stream environments, Ultramet CPT’s provides a materials solution to the extreme combination of materials requirements for corrosion resistance, strength, lightness of weight and abrasion resistance.

Additionally when oil well stimulation by acidizing is performed, strong acids such as HCl, HF, acetic acid and formic acid are commonly used. These acids can cause high corrosion rates on nearly any alloy especially in the presence of sour gas (H2S), high temperatures and elevated pressures.

Fortunately Ultramet CPT’s tantalum surface technology is immune to these acids.


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