We know one size does not fit all. That is why Ultramet CPT produces a variety of engineered surfaces to meet your applications specific needs. We leverage more than 40 years of experience to provide a range of corrosion elimination products that focus on toughness, hardness, safety and thickness control.

Ultra-Metal – For Corrosion Elimination

Ultra Alloy

For Corrosion Elimination – The most effective surface to eliminate corrosion from strong hot acids like HCl or H2SO4. The surface can be grown from 1 mil to several millimeters thick on standard steel process equipment and a vareity of other substates. Typically the Ultra-Metal surface exhibits a nil corrosion rate in most acidic media. . 

Ultra-Tough – For Wear & Corrosive Applications

Ultra Tough

For Wear & Corrosion Protection – An extremely hard and wear-resistant surface is combined with our tough tantalum diffusion alloy. The result is an extremely hard, tough and corrosion resistant surface that is ideal for applications with particulates and wear related issues. Learn More

Ultra-Safe – For Lethal Services When Safety Is #1

Ultra Safe

For Lethal Services – When safety is #1 and high performance is needed, Ultra-Safe utilizes a graphite or nickel alloy (Monel, Inconel or Hastelloy) as a base for the tantalum surface providing multiple layers of protection. This enables engineers to utilize a familiar base material and enjoy the unmatched corrosion resistance of tantalum metal. This minimizes risk and drastically improves performance. Learn More

Ultra-Nano – For Critical Tolerances

Ultra Nano

For Critical Tolerances - This product produces a thin film ranging from 1-5μm thick virtually unchanging the dimensions of the underlying substrate. It is ideal for extremely corrosive environments in controlled or static applications or where dimensional change of the final product is not desired. Learn More

Ultramet CPT is committed to high quality standards, exceptional customer satisfaction, and continual improvement.