Q: What is tantalum?
A:Tantalum is element 73 on the periodic table and is a refractory metal have extraordinary corrosion resistance and a melting point of 5468°F, 3020°C. Learn More (link to Technology-Tantalum page)

Q: How could such a thin layer of tantalum stop corrosion. Will it not corrode away quickly?
A: Because tantalum metal exhibits a nil corrosion rate in most acidic media, thickness is not a critical factor from a chemical point of view.

Q: The tantalum surface is thin. What happens if it is dinged or scratched?
A: Tantalum metal is extremely ductile making it tough. Because the tantalum metal is diffused into the base part it is extremely rugged, tough and durable and has the ability to withstand dings, impacts and scratches very well.

Q: I have a high velocity fluid where the corrosion rate is accelerated. How will this affect Ultramet CPT’s tantalum diffusion surface?
A: The phenomenon you are experiencing is called “erosion-corrosion”. What protects all metals from corrosion is their oxide layer. When flow is introduced this protective oxide layer could be eroded or removed, which accelerates corrosion. Tantalum also has a protective oxide layer but what makes tantalum more corrosion resistant than virtually any other metal is that fact that its oxide layer is extremely tough and nearly impossible to remove. If it is disturbed, it will immediately re-grow and is seal healing.

Q: If I have a solution with particulates in it, how well does the Ultramet CPT’s tantalum diffusion surface fare with abrasion?
A: Generally for applications with particulates in solution, Ultramet CPT’s tantalum diffusion surface will fare well. However if the solution is a slurry, the applications needs to be evaluated by one of our experts. Our hardened product “Ultra-Tough” maybe a candidate for the application.

Q: Can the Ultramet CPT tantalum surface be hardened?
A: Yes. We are experts in changing the characteristics of the surface and have the capabilities to harden the surface while maintain its ductility. This is critical as just simply hardening the surface will lead it to become brittle and fail. See our (Ultra-Tough) product for more information.

Q: How much does it cost? Isn’t tantalum expensive?
A: Ultramet CPT makes tantalum metal affordable and cost competitive with specialty alloys like nickel alloy. Because we are able to utilize tantalum metal so efficiently and grow the tantalum metal where you need it, on the surface not the bulk material, tantalum metal via the Ultramet CPT technology has become economically attractive.


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