Tantalum CoatingsUltramet CPT’s tantalum diffusion technology significantly differs from traditional tantalum coatings. 

The fundamental difference is that Ultramet CPT produces a tantalum diffusion surface by growing the tantalum into the base surface one atom at a time. This creates a diffusion zone. This differs greatly from traditional tantalum coatings because the tantalum is actually diffused into the substrate forming an inseparable bond. Because of this diffusion of tantalum into the substrate, an extremely rugged and durable surface is created that can be bent, flexed, and deformed.

As opposed to traditional tantalum coatings, such as thermal sprays where two distinct separate surfaces are present: the substrate and the coating. Because the bonding mechanism is purely mechanical, a typical tantalum coating that is bent bent, flexed and deformed will fail from chipping, spalling and delamination.

Other mechanical methods for applying tantalum to process equipment include loose lining and cladding. This methods are typically reserved for large process equipment of simple geometries.  


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