In the pharmaceutical & food industry, typical corrosion on the macro scale is not always the concern. In fact, most pharmaceutical processors are far less concerned about corroding a hole in their equipment as they are in contaminating sensitive pharmaceutical products with nickel, chrome, iron and other metal contaminants.

In many pharmaceutical and food processing environments strong acids and chemicals are used and the preferred material for their equipment is glass. From a chemical point of view, glass is inert and will not corrode or contaminate sensitive pharmaceuticals however mechanically glass is very brittle and does not transfer heat very well.  

Ultramet CPT’s tantalum surfaces are ideal for equipment that requires the innertness of glass, the strength of steel and the thermal conductivity of a metal and is an excellent choice for applications like heat exchangers, thermowells, and valves where maintaining a high level of purity is desired.

See the FDA Opinion on Ultramet CPT Tantalum Surfaces for Food Processing




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