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World of Kings has a deep combat system

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mmocs created the topic: World of Kings has a deep combat system
World of Kings is the latest in a long line of autoplay MMORPGs on mobile and that will either please or horrify you depending on your feelings towards the genre.The big features with this one are its extensive races and class features (there are four races to play as and a whopping nine classes, each of which can upgrade to one of three different advanced classes later in the game), the gorgeous visuals that wouldn’t look out of place on PC, and it’s movement away from pay to win.

Combat and questing by default are set for the dreaded auto-questing and auto-combat, which seems to be the most common nowadays in mobile gameplay. Auto-move can be disabled, and you can enable a “click-to-move”. Auto-questing seemed to be more on than off, especially if you tap through the dialogue. More times than I cared for, tapping the last screen in a dialogue chain resulted in my toon taking flight to the next quest destination. In addition, Cheap World of Kings Gold Top Up is on hot sale at our website Mmocs.com.

The game does have a cool auto-combat setting where you can prioritize your skills. Skills are upgradeable and you’ll also put points into a talent tree. Another cool feature exists in the talent tree where the UI tells you what percentage of people decide to pick or advance that skill. It dumbs down the talent tree and is a welcome addition for people like me who aren’t into “theory crafting”. This at least guarantees I have a build similar to most others even though not original.

In contrast with most other MMORPGs on the market, World of Kings has a deep combat system that encourages resource management instead of mashing your skills as soon as they come off cooldown. Specifically, there are 3 main types of resources that the classes use to power their spells, and their availability will depend on the class, in particular. These resources are rage, MP, and energy.

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