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Confused about OBA's and Acid

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5 years 2 months ago #756 by JensenBreck
JensenBreck created the topic: Confused about OBA's and Acid

I know that acid in paper will cause it to yellow over time, but just recently found out that oba's will also cause it to yellow. What I'm confused about is that most of the acid-free 'bright' and 'soft' white papers that I've found have oba's. So aren't they all going to yellow anyways?

I'm looking for a decent (but inexpensive) paper to use for the prints I sell. The papers that I've found that are acid and oba free (in my price range) are 'natural' color, which is basically yellow.
Are these any good or is one better than the other? Also, are there any 'WHITE' papers in that price range that are acid and oba free?

Please help.

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