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Will galvanic corrosion occur?

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5 years 2 months ago #788 by JensenBreck
JensenBreck created the topic: Will galvanic corrosion occur?

We will typically attach a stainless steel (usually 304L) bracket or plate to the steel surface by means of the stud. Between the SS plate and the steel there will always be either a rubber gasket or a mastic which pretty much encapsulates (isolates) the dissimilar metal bond from the open air atmosphere. So the bottom side of the SS plate and the carbon steel beneath the SS plate are completely sealed from the atmosphere as well as all of the SS studs and their welded junctions where they meet the carbon steel. What is the potential for having created a galvanic cell here whereas the carbon steel will suffer to the point of failure? Would it better to use hot dip galvanized plate/bracket instead of stainless steel?

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